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iBC360 Association

Welcome to the first Association of Influence in Canada

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iBC360 Association

Welcome to the first Association of Influence in Canada

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Setting the social media standard.

iBC360 is proud to be the only Canadian Association representing the rights and interests of individuals and communities of influence offering their personal brand(s) to engage in opportunities, including the promotion of product and services and general brand awareness.

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The perks are endless when you become a member, but here are a few to grab your attention.

Full Suite of Legal Documents

Bank of Hours for Legal Fees

Preferential Rates on Services

Other Offers that we've Negotiated

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Why now is the

time to act

We’re obsessed with ensuring that all people of influence receive proper representation, resources and more paid opportunities to continue using their platforms for good, but also make ends-meet.

iBC360 wants to harmonize the efforts of the fragmented influencer, entrepreneurship and start-up communities across Canada, by bringing together like-minded people, empowering them, while providing them the tools to succeed and be inspired in their respective communities.


our mission

Setting a standard

iBC360 will propose a local and international influence standard.

Assuring availability of resources

To providing better tools to Members, including legal documents and management tools to better equip people of influence in the market.

Being vocal

To use our collective voice to the advantage of each of our Members.

Building a foundation

To create the foundation for independent chapters (such as our founding communities, bossing up, influencers orbits, influencers unite) to collaborate and become an integral and constituent parts of the Association.

Member Opportunities

To seek and disseminate paid and unpaid opportunities to Members.

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